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          1) Who do we use for Food Provisioning?

This ministry receives both discounts and value added services from our relationship with McFarling Foods. In order for us to receive these benefits, it is vital that we work through our sales representative and follow their processes. For more information,Kimberly Livingston (Office) 800-622-9003 (Cell) 317-289-7220 Many weekend leaders use Gordon Food Service (GFS) for additional items or smaller quantities. Be sure to mention that it is for Kairos of Indiana to take advantage of our tax letter. The address listed is in Greenwood, Indiana.

          2) Where do I get the composition books?

After a fair amount of shopping for the booklets that we give to offenders and table family for note taking, we found a source you may want to consider. The marble composition booklet contains blank pages and has a sewn cover with no metal spiral binding. This is advised for inside the walls. If you purchase the Mead brand in local stores, you can pay up to $2.50 per book. By planning ahead and buying bulk quantities, you can get them for $0.88 each. We found an internet source that ships the order from their Indianapolis distribution center. The product number is: ROA77332. The standard package size is 12/pack, however, they will break the package if you order an odd number. You may find it more convenient to have one advisory council member order a sufficient quantity to cover the next 2 or 3 weekends and distribute them to the next leader. Plan on having 1 per guest plus 1 per table family plus 1 extra per table for the summary notes. So if you have a normal weekend with 7 tables of 6 guests, you would need 6+3+1+10 per table. If you have 7 tables then you need 70 books.

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